Connecting clients

Dubai Based Medical Distribution Company

Al Naghi Medical Case Study

Al Naghi Medical had poor market positioning early on in their business and low lead generation numbers. There’s strong competition in Health care industry. And on top of that, They had to grow fast, so they turned to Trusted Partners.Digital knot highlighted Al Naghi Medical status as a member-driven CO-OP, and their goal was to improve coverage and reduce cost. From this, they developed the tagline “Health to the People.” The results were significant. After Al Naghi was positioned as a values-driven health, they were able to boost enrollment by 1,500%. In fact, this was the most successful lead gen campaign in the country history. At the start of the campaign, Al Naghi medical had 3 Hospital on board and by the end of the campaign they had over 12 Hospital on board.

Pakistan Based Hospital Company

Evercare Case Study

At Evercare, we worked with the Hospitality Services, Evercare to boost visibility via several common keywords in the industry. At the time, Evercare was adding on the IDC as part of their product portfolio. Based on their research, they found that their customers wanted simple tools for other aspects of their business as well, such as building their website. The challenge for us was helping Evercare build visibility and become known for services outside of the main ones for which they are known. Plus there was some concern around their highly-specialized competitors. To solve that, we helped Evercare involve Digital Knot build visibility in organic search results. That meant building out content on the site to help position Evercare as a website-building solution. Tactically, Digital Knot used a mix of link-building techniques to help Evercare rank higher for relevant keywords in this space, and leveraged social media to connect with new users who had a high likelihood of being interested in Evercare Hospital new website building solution.

Pakistan Based Travel Company

Dejourney’s Case Study

Dejourneys is the brand behind Travel and Tourism industry in Pakistan. Digital Knot worked with Dejourneys on managing both paid and organic search (SEO and SEM), creative online advertising, global analytics reporting, and analysis across all digital platforms (media, search, site, and social) for 25 brands. They also figured out what was working and what wasn’t in their marketing spend to help improve ROI. 

Their goals were the following: 

Gain more clarity on the impact of the main touch points that influence Travellers before, during, and after they engage with the brand. 

Find patterns in engagements that correlate with conversions. 

Understand how investments in specific channels affect performance on other channels. 

As you can tell, there’s a lot that went into this. To come up with some actionable insights for Dejourney’s, Digital Knot put together this 3-part plan:

Step 1: Path to purchase analysis

One of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency is that they have specialized skills and team members that you may not have at your company. For example, Digital Knot was able to put statisticians to work on Dejourney’s for more precise and high-level behavioral analyses. Digital Knot used third-party data to analyze browsing behavior of customers before they bought from the Travel industry. This way, they were able to better understand the factors that influence people to buy from a company like Dejourney’s. By understanding the different aspects of the customer journey before transactions take place, Dejourney’s was able to get a much clearer picture as to where to put their marketing amount.

Step 2: High-value behavior analysis

From there, Digital Knot analyzed what customers did on Dejourney’s site. They analyzed the content that customers were engaging with, the content that preceded conversions, the content that reduced conversions, etc. They used advanced predictive modeling techniques to analyze customer behavior across Dejourney’s sites to figure out exactly which types of content to create in order to guide customers through the purchase process more effectively. This helped Dejourney’s understand what they needed to change about their content strategy, UX, and design to get the most conversions.

Step 3: Attribution analysis

Digital knot then used econometric modeling techniques to analyze media investment, which resulted in insights into the ROI of various marketing channels. This helped Dejourney’s see how all the marketing channels work together to help generate conversions on the site. The results achieved by the agency here include better understanding for their client about the entire end-to-end customer journey. By knowing the behavioral patterns of customers before they interact with the Dejourney’s, the patterns of customer interactions with the site before making a purchase, and how all the marketing channels work together, Dejourney’s was able to optimize their marketing spend to get better ROI. You don’t just have to hire an agency to handle SEO, paid advertising, or some specific marketing tactic. You could get massive benefits just by using an agency’s resources to analyze your business and find areas where you could boost your return on investment.