Who we are

Our mission is to provide a suggestion and work out of the final solution to satisfy our clients

To become a leading one-stop solution provider with service not found elsewhere & to reap profits by having the core focus on customer satisfaction & not merely on financial aspects of dealing

Digital Knot, specializing in providing digital marketing solutions to help businesses & individuals discover & expand into the area of interactive business or to improve on their existing websites. What started as a one-man division has blossomed into a full-service digital media agency.

Today, we boast a unique, close-knit team with experts in all facets of e-Media development; strategic, creative, & technical. We pay attention to research & build our works on rational values. We follow a sustainable “success” policy by closely pursuing the new channels & technologies.

Leadership Teams

Haris Yawar


Adil Shahid

Director Operations
Team Photo


Chief Information Officer

Our Core Teams

  • Software Developer In today’s world, software products must delight their users. In order to develop at speed & with creativity
  • Expert Website Designers The website is still the hub of your digital presence. We are able to deploy awesome solutions because we have professional web-designers
  • Digital Marketing Strategist Amazing results start with amazing strategies. We’ve worked with the top companies of the world. Many of them used as specifically for strategy
  • SEO Experts Ranking at the top of GOOGLE Requires skill & persistence
  • Graphic & Animation Artists Great looking assets are a must! From web pages to email blasts to social media posts & animations, every thing must look great
  • Social Media Experts Growing your social foot print & creating engaged followers is an art & a science. You need a talented team leading the charge
  • Application Developers We provide world -class mobile application development services for all platforms & mobile devices. Look to our extensive experience developing custom mobile applications which drive clear business value